Top Three Reasons I Moved to Charlotte (and You Should, Too!)

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Intrigued by Charlotte? You’re not alone. It’s one of the fastest-growing cities in America. I moved here seven years ago after traveling all over the country working for a nonprofit, and it was one of the best decisions of my life. Here are the top three reasons I love living in Charlotte, and you will, too! 

1- You’ll never get bored. 

With two professional sports teams already here and one on the way, Charlotte offers endless ways to enjoy a good game. Both the NBA and the NFL have multi-billion dollar investments in the city and play in the heart of Uptown (which is our downtown). Major League Soccer will join them next year. Charlotte is also home to the Knights – the highest attended minor league baseball team in the country. Catching any one of these games is a social event where you are bound to run into people you know or make new friends, and there are countless bars, restaurants, and breweries that fully support the lifestyle around each sport. So many people are moving to Charlotte from other areas that it’s super easy to meet people just like you. We’re a young and upcoming city that welcomes everyone. 

2 – You can afford to have a good time. 

The cost of living in Charlotte is hard to beat. While a bottle of bud light may set you back $7 in Chicago, it averages $3 here. You can take a date to a nice dinner in Charlotte and expect the bill to be about $100 instead of $300 or more in cities with similar high-end restaurant experiences. Get a great seat at a Hornets game for $50 and only spend $5-$10 on an Uber to get there. Rent a boat on Lake Norman for $200 and spend a full day of fun on the water. Like to play golf? Charlotte has hundreds of quality courses where the greens fees are only $50 or $60 for 18-holes. It all adds up! A lower cost of living means more fun for you, with more money left in your pocket. 

3 – You can bank on the city. 

Charlotte is well-known for being a worldwide banking hub. And while we’re proud of our financial industry and the high-paying jobs it brings to the city, it isn’t the only business sector growing in Charlotte. Atrium Health is actually our largest employer. Charlotte also has a solid entrepreneurial vibe that supports small business innovation. From hip new breweries to independently owned boutiques offering all the latest fashion, Charlotte is capitalizing on the energy of being a hot spot for businesses of every size. Whether you’re transferring here for work or seeking a new career, Charlotte has you covered. And you’re sure to find your tribe once you get here. With several SCC and ACC colleges nearby, Charlotte is a mecca for recent graduates. But we also draw many families looking to build a better life and retires looking to extend their retirement dollars in a fun community. You can bank on Charlotte’s continued growth, making an investment in real estate here that much more attractive. 

4 – You’ll never run out of reasons.  

I know I said Top Three, but the list goes on and on! Bonuses of living in Charlotte include four beautiful seasons that don’t come with extreme weather changes. That means no major heat waves in the summer or polar vortexes in the winter. Plus, Charlotte is only two hours away from the mountains and a little over three hours away from some of the best beaches on the southeast coast. I took a golf trip to Kiawah Island last month with friends, stopping off in Charleston for lunch before heading over the bridge to the island. As soon as I crossed the water, I felt like I was a million miles away from reality, but I was just a few hours away from home. 

Whatever your reason is for considering Charlotte, I’d love to show you around and introduce you to neighborhoods that perfectly fit your lifestyle. It’s my mission in life to help as many people enjoy our vibrant city as possible. Text me at (443) 299-8946 or email and let’s get started! 

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