Explore Lower Southend, Charlotte Neighborhood (AKA: LoSo)

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In a previous video, I guided you through South End, one of Charlotte, North Carolina’s hottest sub-markets. In that video, we explored “LoSo”, an emerging area within South End that has grown significantly since then. The growth has been so remarkable that it’s time to dedicate an entire video to LoSo.

The allure of loso can be attributed to three key factors:

  1. Location
  2. Transportation options
  3. Affordability.

The area’s strategic positioning, bolstered by its excellent transportation links, makes it an attractive choice of neighborhoods to live in Charlotte. The presence of the Light Rail, particularly the New Bern Station and the Scaleybark Station, significantly contributes to its appeal.

Moreover, LoSo’s proximity to true South End and Dilworth, along with various other amenities, and the lower cost of living in LoSo compared to neighboring regions, truly adds to its desire.

With the ongoing surge of new construction projects in LoSo, including both retail and residential spaces, three notable establishments have emerged:

  • Rally, a novel pickleball bar
  • Goldies, a vibrant spot featuring live music daily
  • Protagonist, a hub for great drinks and exceptional pizza

LoSo Real Estate

Turning our attention to housing in LoSo, the price range spans from $250,000 to approximately $1 million dollars. Notably, the majority of residential options in LoSo consist of condos and townhomes.

The area’s attractiveness for developers has translated into a profusion of townhome developments. The past year alone witnessed the sale of 84 condos and townhomes within LoSo, averaging seven transactions per month. This robust activity largely centers on new construction projects, showcasing a variety of housing options, from four-story townhomes with rooftop terraces to two-story townhomes designed to emulate single-family homes. Anticipating continued demand, new townhome projects are already in the works.

In terms of size, the average home in LoSo spans around 1,700 square feet and features three bedrooms. While larger estates are scarce, so are compact dwellings. The average price per square foot hovers around $334, which is relatively reasonable in comparison to other areas of Charlotte. The average home price in LoSo falls within the mid-$500,000 range, making it more affordable than neighboring South End and Dilworth while still nearing their price points due to LoSo’s growing popularity.

For those considering single-family homes in LoSo, the norm tends to be homes that are smaller than average. These properties usually feature fewer bedrooms and a more modest square footage. Such homes can be appealing as rental properties or as options for first-time homebuyers. On the rental front, LoSo offers numerous apartment buildings, including notable options like Artesia, MAA LoSo, and Miller and York.

Learn More About LoSo

As Charlotte continues to expand, areas like Loso are experiencing rapid growth. If you’re specifically interested in the Loso area and want to learn more, feel free to reach out to me. Additionally, please consider subscribing on YouTube and Instagram for more content. I look forward to connecting with you.