Kyle Whissel’s Top Tips To Grow Your Real Estate Business

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Are you trying to get your real estate business up and running? Maybe you’re a few years in and you’re hitting a plateau? Or are the current market conditions just kicking your butt as a Realtor right now?

If any of these sound like you, you need to tune in to see what Kyle Whissel has to say.

He’s been selling homes for over 15 years now and runs one of the biggest and most productive organizations within eXp Realty called Fast Forward Movement, which has 8 of the top 10 teams in all of eXp, and 28 of the top 50 teams. The best of the best associate with Kyle!

Kyle came to Charlotte today to speak with our agents and share his top tips that he’s learned in the last 15 years of selling real estate.

In 2022 Kyle sold $371M and at the time we filmed this (May 2023) he had about $54M in pending deals. It’s safe to say he knows what he’s doing.

Are you intrigued? Are you wanting to grow your business? Keep reading!

Tip #1 – Live and Die by Your Calendar

To achieve success, embrace the power of effective time management. Live and die by your calendar, ensuring that prospecting is a daily priority. Kyle dedicates a Power Hour every single day to prospecting.

Prospecting can be moved, but it can never be replaced. You can take other things out of your calendar, but you can never take prospecting away.

Tip #2 – Commit To Your CRM

The CRM you use is less important than how effectively you utilize it. Take the time to understand your CRM, attend trainings, and become proficient in its functionalities. Treat your leads with the care and attention they deserve.

Too many Realtors don’t go through the training and setup process to learn what comes next after a buyer or seller lead enters the CRM. If your leads are going through the default buyer / seller funnel, you’re doing it wrong!

Tip #3 – Treat Every Client Like Your Only Client

Kyle tells all of his agents when they start with his team — do as many deals as you possibly can. I don’t care what the price point is. I don’t care if they’re trying to buy a $20,000 piece of dirt or a $20M house on the ocean. Take every deal that you can, but at the same time, treat every client you work with like they’re your only client no matter how many you have.

Tip #4 – Understand the Value of Your Time

You’ve got to really understand the value of your time in real estate. For example, if you want to make $50/hour, you have to eliminate all of the tasks that are below that level. Think about all the little things that you do throughout the day and ask yourself, “Are these $50/hour tasks? Or could somebody else do these tasks for me?”

For example, Kyle hates calling and scheduling his own showings. That’s one of the most time consuming tedious tasks that he can offload to a virtual assistant for $4 an hour if my time his worth $50/hour. That’s a pretty good trade.

Tip #5 – Obsess Over Your Brand

Brand is something that’s not emphasized enough in our industry, but Kyle obsesses over it. If you can build a really solid brand, everything else around you is going to get a lift.

Kyle compares it to a waterbed. If you push down on the center of a waterbed, everything lifts up around it. The same goes for your brand. If you can build a really big brand, everything else is going to lift all around it.

The way Kyle’s been able to do that is through video. He was one of the pioneers of doing interviews with local businesses for over eight years now. By doing these videos, he’s making relationships with the business owners, and creating content that they really care about.

Tip #6 – Establish Core Values

Define your core values and hire, review, and even fire based on these principles. Ensure that your team shares and upholds these values to create a cohesive and successful work environment.

Do this exercise: Think about who are the top three people on your team that if you could clone, you would hire a thousand of them. First pick those people, and then examin the core values they exhibit that you love so much about them. That’s how you can came up with your core values.

Tip #7 – Mastermind with Like-Minded Professionals

Mastermind with people who are at or above your level. If you’re the biggest fish in the room, you can only grow so big.

You can only grow to the size of the environment that you’re in, so think about the environments that you’re in, like who you are masterminding with and who you are connecting with on a consistent basis.

Ready to grow your real estate business?

Be sure to watch the full video at the top of the page for the rest of Kyle’s tips!

With these invaluable tips from Kyle Whissell, you have a roadmap for growing your real estate business and achieving unparalleled success. Embrace time management, nurture your brand, and surround yourself with high-achieving professionals. Stay committed to growth, adapt to change, and consistently provide exceptional service to your clients. By following these principles, you can transform your real estate career and propel your business to new heights.