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Moving to EXP Realty: Why Andy Made the Switch and What Surprised Him

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Hey there, my name is Andy Griesinger, and I’ve been in the real estate business for quite some time now. There are thousands of real estate companies out there, and millions more mentors, coaches, sponsors, and agents in this industry. Recently, I made the decision to move over to EXP Realty, and today I want to share with you why I made this decision and what some of my biggest surprises have been since joining.

#1 Exposure to high-producing agents

One of the biggest reasons I decided to make the move was that I wanted to be able to have more exposure to high-producing agents. Seven of the top ten teams at EXP Realty are affiliated with the Fast Forward Movement, and I decided to not only move to EXP but also affiliate with this group.

Through this affiliation, I am now able to network and mastermind with some of the top agents and team leads in the country who are doing hundreds of millions of dollars worth of sales. These guys are in the trenches every single day doing deals and putting them together, so they are seeing what’s going on, especially in a shifting market like we’re seeing this year.

#2 Working with agents who prioritize social media

When I moved over, there were two main things that I wanted to focus on. Firstly, I wanted to make sure I was aligned with high-producing agents. Secondly, I wanted to be aligned with agents who prioritized social media because it’s crucial for me and how I’ve grown my real estate company in Charlotte.

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Being aligned with someone like Kyle Whissel, who is in my upline and started the Fast Forward Movement, has been so crucial for me. Video is so important and so crucial to him and his business, and now that I’m affiliated with him, whenever I have questions, he’s there to help me with whatever I need.

#3 Sharing tips with top real estate agents

Being aligned with a lot of high-producing agents has been great for me. For example, I was in Vegas at an EXPCon, and I was in a very private, intimate room with about 20 other agents doing a mastermind. We were all talking about some of our biggest pain points and struggles. For me, one of mine is systems and processes.

As soon as I said that, an agent from Baltimore came right up to me and said, “Hey, I specialize in putting these together and helping agents put systems together that they can duplicate and replicate to be able to grow. Here’s my information, set up a zoom call.”

Now, she is helping me build out systems! We are in a very collaborative firm and a very cooperative type of network, and all of these agents want to see each other succeed.

#4 EXP’s revenue & equity share

One thing that a lot of agents join EXP Realty for is the Rev Share & Equity program, but for me, that wasn’t the primary reasons for joining. It was just a bonus.

I wanted to move to EXP to boost my sales and build business. And the end of the day, it’s all about production. I got here, and all of the agents who are successful have gotten to where they’re at because they’re good at selling houses. I wanted to affiliate with a group that excels at selling houses even in a shifting market, and that’s why I decided to move to EXP Realty and specifically affiliate with the Fast Forward Movement.

3 Big Surprises at EXP Realty

Now that I’ve been at EXP for almost a year, there are three big surprises that honestly, I had no idea to expect until I moved over.

#1 Incredible Onboarding Experience

Onboarding usually sucks at any firm you go to. However, the guys that I aligned with hired a personal onboarding specialist who helps me and is now a direct line for me to anyone I need at EXP. Having this assistance made the transition to EXP much smoother and less stressful.

#2 The Importance of Icon Status

The most high-producing agents and teams move over to EXP with one goal in mind: to hit the Icon Status.

This award is highly coveted and comes with many perks, such as exclusive access to rooms and masterminds that others cannot access. In addition, earning Icon Status also provides the opportunity to earn back the $16,000 cap that agents pay when joining EXP. This means that agents who hit Icon Status can essentially work without paying fees to EXP for the year. Finally, only Icon agents are allowed to teach at EXP, meaning that they have the opportunity to mentor and teach the next generation of agents.

#3 Respectful and Collaborative Culture

One of the most surprising things about working at EXP is the culture of respect and collaboration. This culture is evident from the top down, with even the CEO, Glenn Sanford, being approachable and open to talking to anyone. This culture of respect and collaboration has made me excited to be an agent at EXP and to support the firm that supports me.

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Are you considering joining a new real estate firm?

If so, look for a firm that has a supportive onboarding process, values high-producing agents, and fosters a culture of respect and collaboration.

For me, EXP has been a great fit, and I am excited to continue to grow and succeed as an agent with this company.

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